Indonesia is holding International Sand Sculpture Festival (ISSF) 2011

29 Dec

Winmark Mendawai Indonesia and World Sand Sculpting Academy (WSSA) in collaboration with Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy and Sentul City is holding the first International Sand Sculpture Festival (ISSF 2011) in Indonesia. The festival themed Wonders of Indonesia and Wonders of the World would be the biggest in Southeast Asia. The festival is from 18 December to 28 January 2011.

22 sand sculpture artists from 11 countries; United States, Britain, Ukraine, Holland, Italy, Mexico, Spain, Belgium, Republic of Czech, Singapore and Japan are involving in the event. Interestingly, 11 among them are women.

Director of Winmark Mendawai Indonesia Gita Aryanti said that the idea of holding this magnificent sand sculpture festival is a manifestation of the company’s commitment to fully support Indonesia tourism, which is well-received by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy and WSSA as the parent organization. Gita is positive that the event would be an excellent tourist attraction for domestic as well as foreign tourists.

Meanwhile, Berman Lubis, the Tourism and Creative Economy Ministry’s Director of Meeting, Incentive, Convention and Exhibition (MICE), said that the festival would be the very first in Indonesia and the largest in the Southeast Asia region. ISSF 2011 is expected to be a mean of communication and promotion of tourism information and to increase the number of tourist visit to Indonesia. This activity was very useful for opening new horizons in art which had very great potential to be developed in Indonesia.

Marcel Elsjan of Wipper, CEO WSSA welcomed this good opportunity to have a sand sculpture exhibition in Indonesia. Before, they already had less bigger scale of exhibition in other countries in Asia; Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.   

The festival is taking place 30,000 square meters at Alam Fantasia, Taman Budaya Sentul City. There are two major large-sized tents each measuring 800 square meters for the exhibition of more than 40 best sand sculptures in the form of statues.  First tent, we can see various historical icons from various provinces in Indonesia such as Prambanan and Borobudur Temple complete with statues of Buddha and the monks. There’s also a replica of the Gadang House (West Sumatera traditional house) with its dancers and buffalo. Other sculptures are Barong, one-horned rhino, wayang (Indonesian traditional puppets) and many other details which is specifically about Indonesia. In the second tent, we are absolutely invited to do the world tour, witnessing the various popular icons from other countries such as Big Ben, Gladiator, Dutch Windmills, London Bridge, Taj Mahal, the Pyramids and the Pharos and some other sculptures.

To produce those sculptures, the artists required over 2,400 tons of sand from Cilegon, Banten province. The sand from Cilegon can be made as steep and high sculptures compared to the beach sand because of its sharp texture. The sand is compressed with a gear called stamper.  The working process of making the sculptures took two weeks before finally exhibited.   



About World Sand Sculpting Academy (WSSA)

Source: google

The World Sculpting Academy (WSSA) originally founded in 1990 under the name World Sand Sculpting Association, aims to promote sand sculpting as an internationally recognized profession and art form. The organization has established formats, standards, rules and regulations for international competitions. It also provides support as a consultancy and as an international board of approval to local event organizers and producers in Europe, Japan, USA and China.

Over the last 14 years, the number of competitions and events has grown and simultaneously the WSSA has become a renowned organization which is recognized by both sculptors and local event organizers and producers. In order to face challenges such as expanding the number of competitions, the number of high quality sand sculpting events and the number of well trained sand sculptors, WSSA has restructured its organization and developed strategic longterm planning, based on its marketing and organizational expertise.



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